We spend so much time and money on our physical appearance, and focus heavily on websites and paid advertising. But the way to our customer’s heart and increased lifetime value is much simpler and far cheaper. Why do we keep missing this obvious trick?

Making emotional sales

How your customers feel about your…

With workers being unable or not allowed to come into work, we’re about to experience a seismic shift towards remote working. The tools that enable this change are powerful and likely to transform business as we know it.

Sudden impact of COVID-19

Since December 2019 when Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was first reported in Wuhan, China, over 134,000 cases have been confirmed and more than 4,900 people have died from the disease. So it’s not just you, and some media hype. This really is big. It was declared a pandemic by the…

tl;dr Webhooks are a powerful web API that push source website data as soon as it’s available. They are vastly underused due to implementation difficulties. A new SaaS provided by ViaSocket simplifies webhook implementation and is set to significantly increase their usage.

Automate or Get Left Behind

Of the many important factors that determine the…

When you buy a new pen, a good stationer will have some reasonable quality paper to try it out on before you buy. This urge to give something a go, see how it behaves, is both natural and powerful. So when we’re transferring our behaviour into the digital realm, we shouldn’t be surprised that this urge comes along with us.

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The Digital World

Some online services have met this urge by providing the option to explore, but not publish our efforts. Others provide a virtual environment that behaves like the live environment, but without consequences. My favourite term for these types of services is sandpit. It accurately evokes in me that same sense of hapless freedom that I had as a young child playing in a real-world sandpit. I could build, shape, and destroy as I liked and let my creativity free without thought of consequence.

Tim Marsh

Making sense of a complex world.

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